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                                                                      Subliminal numerology

111 -  222 - 333 - 444 what do these numbers mean and why do You keep seeing them? 
Have you noticed repeat numbers that steal   your attention and the more you notice them the more see them ? 
Numerology that dates back to 8 BC is what interpret the sequence and meanings of the numbers you’re repetitively seeing. Historically in Asian provinces spiritualists and psychics believe this is your spirit guides attempting to communicate with you. The one language that is universal is numbers. 
You may notice everyday at the same time 1.11, 2.22 or 333 and some posters, car registration plates or billboards have 888, 999 or any other trilogy of numbers. 

What do these numbers mean 

111 – This trilogy indicates that you are starting to take your life seriously and you have acknowledged you need to make some changes, like getting rid of old habits.  
Also if a family member has passed or friends that you was close with they will communicate with you that they are close by. 

222 – New ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep nurturing them, and soon they will push through in to reality. People that usually see this number or sequence  are those that start something and don’t finish it Or have a great ideas and don’t push them. 
The spirit guides are reaching out to you for you to push and complete: 

333 – The Guides are trying to assist you as your at a cross roads. You have their help and you have strength, although you underestimate yourself and your stuck in a rut: 3 is one of the most powerful numbers as it’s the strongest indicator that 

444 –  when you are stressed to the maximum regarding family matters or work matters or problems involving other people; The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

555 – Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative,” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

666 – Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused on the material and what you don’t have. Your beating yourself up, being hard on yourself: This sequence asks you to balance your thoughts. We can be our biggest enemy at times, this trilogy is a reminder that you are able to make mistakes and recover from them and move on. 

777 – The angels congratulate you as your on the path you have been looking for and have invested a lot of time in yourself to get there.
Luck is on your side when you’re moving in the right direction keep up the good work. 

888 – This sequence is is an interpretation that you want to start over in your career and in your personal life. You have noticed that you devoted a lot of time in the wrong people in the wrong situations. You have made up your mind and you’re most definitely going to achieve the change that you seek, stay on this path. 

999 –. This sequence is a reminder that you have achieved what you have set out to achieve, and this project or situation has reached its plateau. Many healers, psychics and light workers will often see this trilogy, as a reminder that they are doing a great job in supporting those that are worse off than them. 

000 – this amazing trilogy indicates that you have come a long way from either alcohol, drugs or addiction. This is the highest numbers one can see, and your guides are congratulating you on a great job done as you suffered to achieve this.

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Sagittarius should expect the unexpected in love and career over the next 2 seasons. 
Love will blossom for single Sagittarius as we exit 2022. Expect new people and unexpected encounters that may can pave the way to new love:
If your focus is on career financial abundance is coming your way in terms of promotion and career changes as we approach Gemini (June) 2023.
The thought of having your own place and business has been a big thought for you in the last year. So this can be the main focus in 2023 as you are ready.
These are abundant changes and achievements as your commitment is strong, be cautious that this don’t distract you from your personal life. Remember to try and have a balance of work, play, love and home:
Sagittarius can be prone to falling behind emotionally as they perceive love to be a delay or set back when it comes to career advancement. When under pressure they will become icy and distant as they struggle with balance. 
December 2022 - March 2023. 
Those who have been investing in higher education may have been set back, in the last 8 months and will retune and readjust the plan to get back on top of things: 
Sagittarius value their independence and the ability to try and do what they want, when they want, which is their weakness at times as they plough on without thought of repercussions. 
Sagittarius are known to live life to the fullest with adventurers, travel and taking risks. They have a sharp business acumen and are hard working. Sagittarius are known for their emotional support, which hallmarks them to be the friend everyone turns too when that are down, as Sagittarius is a natural healer and diplomat: 
The 3 Types of Sagittarius 
Sagittarius who have Mercury in Scorpio, Sagittarius who have Mercury in Capricorn, and Sagittarius who have Mercury in Sagittarius


November 8th Retrograde

Scorpio has welcomed us in to its era. Scorpio begins October 23rd and ends November 21st, the sun aligns during this period with Mars retrograde.

Scorpio is renowned for its explosive passion, art and love, many of them will be glad to know that the 2022 period of it brings new relationship opportunities in the tail end of 2022.

The cosmos and stars suggest that the see saw of love, harmony and new beginnings are coming this month not just for star signs but raising and sun signs of Scorpio. Although the happier times lay ahead the challenges with Mercury, the Sun and Venus are aligned with Scorpio simultaneously. The trilogy will then travel in to Sagittarius within 7 days of each other. This astrological period demonstrates how many aspects our life work together finding our spiritual balance.

As mars enters into retrograde from November 8th this will create a heavy energy, where we question things and doubt things. We become withdrawn with its negative influence and frequency till the 11th November (11.11)

How many wonder how do you ground your energy during this period so you can remain less affected by retrograde. George Valentino recommends black tourmaline or onyx as a very helpful protection and grounding stone, when we encounter retrograde. Meditation and positive affirmations are equally as useful.

The Goddesses 
Full Moon


The Goddesses, the full moon and connecting with your spirit guides.

“Nothing is more magical than standing under the light of a full moon” many say. The full moon has inspired many rituals, songs, movies and poetry for millenniums. 
The full moon can affect your emotional state as well as your physical state.
The spiritual meaning has been interpreted by many spiritualists, mystics and religious organisations believe it empowers your heightened emotions and opens your third eye.
Standing under a full moon; in the right frame of spiritual mind has the power to be illuminating, transformational, intense, and inspiring. 


















Many Pagan and Greek Olympian craft practitioners create special rituals to honour the moon Goddesses Hecate, Artemis, Diana. 
Hecate is known as the Queen of the craft having the keys to heaven, earth and hell. 
Artemis the hunter and Queen of justice and protector of the animal kingdom and animal spirit. 
Diana there is no one to protect children, childbirth, and fertility matters and is also the Queen of the forest and woods: 
Many religions Incorporate the goddess beliefs and deity’s, including Hinduism as they believe the goddess Kali is the Moon Goddess. 

All ritualistic practice Read More 

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The Moon Goddesses

Gift Store 

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Check out our amazing range of handmade jewellery, starting from £15.00 bespoke designs of keyrings, dog collars, bracelets, made with high quality gemstones, that are cleansed and blessed by George Valentino. If there's any designs, you wish to be made for you please email us.    


Mercury Retrograde Explained

Mercury the planet travels in reverse across the sky three times a year, when it appears on the periods of Mercury in retrograde or known as” Mercury retrograde.” To astrologers these times in particular emotions tend to be associated with depression, delay, and frustration. Many believers feel it can affect your karma all round, from electrical issues, cancelled travel plans and love life issues. 

This is a great time to spiritually reflect on the past and come to peace with it within the last year as intuition is known to be high during these periods for mystics, psychics, astrologers and so on the coincidences are extraordinary at times.  The astronomical interpretation for retrograde movement begins with the planets which are like a watch face, the planets rotate, when the optical illusion (as earth changes its position appears that a planet has reversed across the sky.  Thats why this phenomenon is known as retrograde motion, as it only looks like the planet is moving in reverse baffling astronomers and astrologers alike. 

2022 -2023 Retrograde dates

Jan 13th - Feb 3rd, 2022

May 10th - June 2nd, 2022

Sept 9th - Oct 1st, 2022

Dec 28th - Jan 18th, 2023

Ending in Capricorn 2023

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Join a dynamic team, with top rates of pay, exposure and support. Apply now.    


Learn To Read Cards
George Valentino

For the first time in 30 years we bring you the opportunity to Participate in this amazing course known as the Cartomancy.

Cartomancy is a 14th century fortune telling technique like tarot, using a deck of playing cards. Many countries like Greece, Italy, Ireland, France and many more practiced cartomancy, soon after playing cards were first introduced in the 14th century. Practitioners of cartomancy are generally known as cartomancers or card readers.

The cards were a lot more accurate than palm readings, mediums or Tealeaf readers and became very popular amongst many cultures.

Cartomancy became more rare as tarot cards were introduced, it was almost obsolete until today.

The course has been revamped and devised in reuniting us with the ancient teachings of cartomancy readings gaining the knowledge of easier card spreads.


Once a good level of cartomancy has been practised and learned then it’s a easier opening to learning tarot as you will cut the learning time down by half once you have mastered playing cards.


How to connect to spiritually prepare for a reading

How to spiritually cleanse your cards

How to shuffle your cards and store them

How to perform long spreads and short spreads

How to close the reading


This course is on a 1-2-1 online 3 part  course which is in total 4.5 Hours.

Available on Weekends

It’s a fun beginners course which you would thoroughly enjoy.


To enquire for costs please email


Welcome to George Valentino

The last 20 years George Valentino has been blessed to meet the best Astrologers, Tarot readers, Mediums, Rune readers, Animal Communicators, Reiki Masters and spiritual healers globally.
We have united together to cater for quality readings, with the most reputable  spiritual practitioners in the field.
Check out our Latest offers

We have made sure you will get the best insight and interactive experience, to enable you to choose and connect with your reader.
We have
 added introduction videos and interviews with our readers to enable you t get a feel for them and how our readers work.
Wishing a happy and positive reading experience.

Love & Light 
George Valentino Psychics 

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Meet George Valentino

GV pic_edited.jpg

Mr George Valentino the known as the "Celebrity Psychic and Spiritualist " was born in the late 1970’s and raised in London’s Whitechapel  East End. As a third-generation psychic.  
George’s Mum a student herself from her Grandmother was known as Psychic Big Ang, it was a nick name due to her being petite. Big Ang came to England in the late 1950’s and was a tailor on London’s famous Saville Row, she came from a family of tailors and mystics. She was renowned for her Greek coffee cup readings, palmistry, tea leaves and Tarot readings and established a good reputation in East London and the family tradition since the late 1800’s.  Angie was one of the first Greeks in the 1960’s from Cyprus in her time to study Indian and African styles of readings and religious practices, rumours have it that she would frequently read for Celebs like Diana Dors and Sid James. When ever she was asked who she reads for she would always say “it’s down to the sitter to say who they had a reading with, never down to the reader to say who they read for” discretion was key for her.

Growing up George’s home was a spiritual sanctuary filled with religious objects from various religions, incense and candles with a intense but comforting spiritual energy.  Although George was a keen student since a child, business and hard work was drummed in to him by his father. George’s dad was a Greek musician and a wedding caterer, this how George learnt to play drums and was playing with famous Greek stars at concerts and clubs from the age of 16. In his late 20’s George expanded the family dry cleaning business and key cut business in West London, where he would also perform readings for the Londoners. 

Being creative and keen in physics and sciences George worked as an erosion air frame specialist leading the project with Inflite Aviation at London’s Stansted airport. George collaborated with an additional business he owned called Mason & Black which was a 3D CAD company where he worked closely with Inflite Aviation designing airworthy parts to prevent Foreign Object Debris eroding vital parts like the vertical stabiliser and wingtips on the BAe 146 aircraft. His Anti Erosion aircraft kit was sold throughout the aviation industry via Inflite and Aegean Airlines. The BAe 146 anti erosion kit is still to date under George’s name recognised as an airworthy part after many tests and was at the Earls Court Aviation exhibition represented by Inflite Aviation. 

Although George was at the prime of his career his late Mother Angie passed away within 6 months from diagnosis. 
Sources say this impacted George and he moved out of central London, selling his businesses and residential property, he travelled the world perfecting his spiritual craft and then settled in the English country side.
He’s now devoted himself as full time Tarot reader and spiritualist. George became a instant hit working online and off line, people were flocking online to speak to him, as they felt comfortable with his cockney accent and warm personality. 
George had many appearances in the ITV hit show TOWIE many times and has been in global magazines from OK to New, writing about his celebrity predictions and on global events. 

George Valentino has over 27 years of full time experience in readings and many of his following say who have left a long trail of testimonials on his social media.

The Express News paper called him “spookily accurate when he performed a reading

Some of his predictions below 

He predicted the spilt of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The differences between Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry and Megan baby name controversy

Till this day the continues to help, guide, and support many returning year after year following his intricate detailed readings in which they have resonated with.  Connecting with the spirit world and as an internationally known medium George is familiar amongst celebrities and is known as the “psychic to the stars” having performed readings for royalty celebrities and entrepreneurs from all over the world, who have also been astounded and empowered by their experience. He has sourced the best readers from all over the world and works with them on his infrastructure 
Boasting the “psychic super team” as known to many in the industry. 
George believes that although readings are important; spiritual guidance and self-connection are essential! To become a practising psychic and a spiritualist is a responsibility that will take many years of dedication. For me it is has become a way of life. George Valentino has broadened his spiritual attributes creating his own hand made candle jewellery brand where he acquired Anima Mia the gift company. His archives and data base boast over 15,000 readings. He is known as charitable and has donated to many charities over many years from the Royal London Hospital children’s ward, King George Hospital Essex children’s ward and has supported domestic violence awareness since 2017 as an ambassador for 101 a charity based organisation.

He is the founder of 

Dream Dictionary 

dream a.png


When you dream that your life partner is leaving you, or that you been dumped it may translate to that you are in need of more independence in your love life.

Your failing to implement the desire to grow into a more self-confident and independent person. The fact your thinking about it is one step closer to gaining it.

                    George Valentino

Testimonials & Free Tarot

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