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George Valentino 
Spiritual Tips 


How do you know Angels are guiding you?

How do you know Angels are guiding you?

• Guidance is always coming from love

• Love can be firm and direct ...

• ... but is always unconditional ...

• ... and never forced upon you.

Angel Message

Communication is at focus right now. Remember that someone may not receive exactly what you mean because they come from their own past experiences. As souls having a human experience, we most often don’t have conscious memories from our soul or even past lifetimes. So, the human part of us is what rules us and we “use” what is familiar to us and that is our experiences, values, what we have been taught in this life. Since we all have different personal experiences that also are a product of the time and the collective consciousness, we may find it challenging with communication.

Work through this by making sure that what you express is received as you intended it to be. It can be seen as asking for a “receipt” so that different perceptions can meet, and understanding come about. It may sound very simple, and it is, but it is important so that we can have a joint understanding of a matter. It doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with each other, but we can gain understanding and clear communication.

Why are the Angels talking so much about communication? Because we are entering Mercury Retrograde September 9th through October 1st and it is considered a challenging energy. Like all energies, it can be worked with instead of trying to work against it.

 Mercury Retrograde is traditionally associated with confusion, delay, and frustration like undelivered letters, email sent to wrong person or disappearing and changed travel plans to mention a few. Mercury Retrograde tends to lift matters into the light but it is not only challenging. If you become aware and pay extra attention to what is going on around you, you can use this energy to your advantage. Your intuition is usually higher, and it is indeed a great time for reflection since things are being brought up. Coincidences are usually extraordinary as well; things happen in a way that really makes us pay attention.

Despite that it is called Mercury Retrograde, the planet is not moving backwards, that is just an illusion based on the positions of the planets and Earth at the time this happens.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication in all its forms like listening, writing, reading, speaking, etc and activities related to communication, like negotiations, contracts, travel, automobiles, shipping, and mail. For some this also includes any technical or electronic matter or


How can you use this energy to your advantage?

Remain flexible, patient, and understanding, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing onto any new contracts that you’re unsure of. Double check your email responses and check in with reservations before you take that trip. In other words, take it a step at a time and reflect and check and this is how you can move through this energy.

Review projects and plans now but wait until Mercury Retrograde is over to make any final decisions. Don’t put your life on hold but make plans and make sure that you have more than one option when it comes to important things in your life. Prepare yourself for eventual miscommunication and out of


 the ordinary things happening around you. People may appear a little different as well, but it is because they are affected by the energy and things will slowly come back to normal when Mercury Retrograde ends.

As mentioned earlier, this time is a time to take a step at a time and not rush forward. Reflection and introspection are great now.

All chaos that happens in your life is not caused by Mercury Retrograde. It is a good time to take a few moments and review what you put your energy toward. Simply because matters are highlighted with this energy and your best approach is to be present and reflect over all you do at this time. The angels say that this can be seen as a practice we should engage in more often. Where do you put your focus and effort? Are you in alignment with yourself and those close to you? If you find that things are out of balance, this is a great time to work on those areas and correct what you don’t feel happy with.

 Take a moment to reflect. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to take a step back and become the observer of things around you so that you can review and make some new choices for yourself and maybe your family as well. It is though advisable to wait to implement any big changes until Mercury Retrograde have passed. Just to have the best and most supportive energies with you.

How Mercury Retrograde affects you depends on your personal energies as well and that can be your Zodiac sign as well as other energies you carry. Be conscious of what you say and your own intentions behind it. Come from a place of love and it will be received with love.

How to Come Through Tough Times

On the spiritual path, we are both willing and conscious to change and see things from different and higher perspectives. We are continuously sending out this intention and we are most often very willing to do our part, meaning the work we need to do with ourselves for growth and change.

But occasionally we are faced with much deeper challenges, challenges that may contain such deep emotional matters that we get stuck. Spirit always says that the more and stronger we react to something, the deeper it is. Deep matters can be quite painful, and we may struggle a lot to work through them.

Know that what is challenging to us, is a key to our growth. The more important and significant, the stronger it comes.

We don’t come here to suffer, we suffer because we have stepped out of the spiritual way of perceiving things and because we many times compare people, situations, ourselves etc with others. You can say that we complicate things for ourselves sometimes since we tend to see things from a lower perspective and vibration instead of raising ourselves above. This does of course not mean that we are to judge ourselves.

As human beings, we often resist pain because it is very uncomfortable and we may find ourselves in a loop of energy containing that which we don’t want and therefor resist, for a much longer period than if we gathered our strength and courage to really look within to see, feel, sense, hear, understand and acknowledge what comes as painful for us.

We are a product and sum of our family, culture, traditions and past experiences in this lifetime. Of course, we are also a product from past lifetimes, but we rarely remember anything from these times. To grow beyond that, you need to see the bigger picture of things. I overheard someone expressing this as seeing it all from a helicopter view since this gives you a much different overview. You would see people and vehicles as ants from a helicopter and the higher you go, the less details you will be able to see which will bring you more peace of mind.

Sometimes, we can reach as a low point as we feel we ever can reach, this is also sometimes expressed as the dark night of the soul. Feeling this way is a symptom that you have cleared out much from what you have believed in, understood and you may find yourself confused. It may feel like you can’t reach any lower and that you may feel empty. This is uncomfortable for most people, but it is a sign of a very significant and deep transformation.

For some, this process can take a long time and for others it passes faster. This is not a time to push yourself or judge yourself. This is a time to just accept, forgive and love yourself just as you are. The very act of self-love and acceptance of the present moment is exactly what can set you free and help you to move forward. Know that past is already gone, the future is yet unknown and you have only this very moment in time. You can also be proud of yourself because everything you have experienced and done have brought you to where you are right now.

The dark night of the soul doesn’t happen to you to punish you. It happens because of the major transformation. Think of it as if you have emptied all within and you are now on a journey to rediscover who you truly are at a soul level.

Some tools to help you release and move forward:

• Accept how you feel and how things are. This is not going to last even if it feels like it. Just accept this very moment.


• Release any resistance that is coming up for you since the resistance itself will keep you in the undesired place you currently are. Resistance is fear and doesn’t bring you any progress.

• Forgive anyone who ever hurt you, ask for forgiveness from anyone who you ever hurt and above all else, forgive yourself. Know that forgiveness has nothing to do with accepting mistreatment from another, it is a clearing energetically so that you can release past and enable yourself to move forward.

• Do things that you love, whatever that can be. Anything that brings you joy for even a short moment, laughter or even a moment of passion doing something you love to do.

• Make positive affirmations for yourself and start to become aware of your own behaviour. Know that this awareness is a treasure for you even if it can feel uncomfortable. Awareness is the first step to change.

• Using the I AM affirmations are very powerful since they are a direct link to your higher self.

• If you still feel that you are struggling, you can find a healer (preferably an energy healer),

coach or someone who can help you clear and release.

• Dare to look deep within as this is one of the biggest keys for you to be able to let go of that

which no longer serves you.

• You are experiencing this because you have prayed and asked for change, embrace the

changes and know that transformation and changes include big and small changes.

• You may move, change occupation, let go of people in your life etc.

• This comes about because YOU change and that which disappears from your life is no longer

in alignment with who you are now. Seeing it from this perspective will help you understand.

I hope that you got some understanding about challenges and how to come through them. We are all unique and experience our journey called life in our own unique way. Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s, yours is unique for you. I rarely promise anything because we live in a very changeable world, but I can promise you that you will come out of any challenge if you just gather your courage and see through it all. Take a step back instead of diving into it and your perception is what will set you free.

With much Love & Light until next time ...

The Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path

We are living in extraordinary times, and many are currently awakening in our world. This also means that there is a need for understanding and growth from a soul level. Having psychic abilities and gifts doesn’t necessarily mean the same as to be spiritually awake. Psychic abilities can be seen as tools and gifts, but it is up to each individual and soul to grow the spiritual understanding.

The times we live in offer many more options than ever before, and all is connected. We can all share what we sense, see, feel and perceive and know that we hold a piece of the puzzle.

Something that is important for you who are growing and developing your spiritual awareness and gifts is to understand the concept of the soul and the energies. Your soul is not bound by the conventions of this world and holds a different perception of the world than is considered by a human being. Your soul has its own energy centers and its own memory which is connected to you as a human being living here but doesn’t mean that you necessarily remember and live by what your soul knows.

A big part of the spiritual path and awakening is to dig deep into your soul to find the answers you already have but have forgotten.

There are some things that will help you along your understanding, experience and growth that may seem very basic but are important for you as to be able to see clearer.

First thing is to keep your personal energies, chakras and your immediate environment as clear and pure as possible so that you easier can connect deep within yourself and that is to maintain your “spiritual hygiene”. This is like showering or brushing your teeth and is a practice you need to learn and use so that you can move through the dense energies of this Earth.

You can do this in any way you wish and with methods that appeal to you, but a few things are good to know:

• Make sure to ground yourself each day into the Mother Earth because you need to be anchored to her and your life here on Earth. Not being anchored will make you feel spacey and unclear.

• Connecting to your spiritual guides, helpers, angels, ascended masters etc to maintain and nurture the connection with them. They will always be with you and guiding and communicating with you, but you may feel to have a challenge hearing them if there is some sort of blockage.

• Practice cord cutting since all is energy and we do create energetic cords all the time with each other. A sign of having a cord that is building up rather than dissipating when we stop interacting with each other is to feel tired, drained of energy, maybe experiencing a little chaos in your everyday life etc. Chaos that continues for days and seem to not go away. This is a practice that removes cords that are not supposed to be present and know that you can never cut of a person or a soul connection that is supposed to be there. Soul connections are not possible to cut but you can cut the negative energies that may influence a relationship.

• Practice forgiveness for others, ask for forgiveness and most of all forgive yourself. This is not an act of accepting bad treatment from someone in the past, but it is a practice of clearing your energies and releasing that which no longer serves you.

• Since we cannot change someone else, we all change if we are willing to do so but if we don’t want to, it is our personal choice and a reflection of our free will. Know that when you do work on yourself, people in your environment will respond to your changes. Some people


come closer to you and other may distance themselves. It is normal during this journey and can of course feel emotional sometimes but in the end, we often see the purpose of it.

Keep up the good work you are doping for yourself and by working on yourself you do a wonderful deed since your purity as a soul and human being will be reflected into the world. You always have an impact on other, whether you realize it or not.

Until next time

Much Love & Light to you ALL

How Do Spiritual Blocks Occur

How does blocks and restrictions occur?

Your soul in its essence is already perfect from its creation. With each and every incarnation you have to live with the terms and conditions during that specific incarnation and related to what your soul is made of and how your soul (not the human part of you) perceives the world and itself. When you make choices that are out of alignment with who you truly are at a soul level, you go against your true essence and blocks and restrictions are created.

Your soul does not have the same perception of what it needs as you may have as a human being. It would of course be much easier if you came into this world with the memory and wisdom you hold at a soul level. Nevertheless, you come here to experience yourself to gain an understanding since dealing with polarities and challenges are a way for the soul to understand itself.

Your purpose of coming here is not to suffer but to re-connect with your soul during the experiences. Your soul doesn’t need to go to school here but this is a way that some express the adventures one can experience in this dimension and on planet Earth.

Terms and conditions change with different times here on Earth and what may have been illegal a few hundred years ago is not illegal now. You may have been accused of being a witch a few hundred years ago and that was punished in a devastating way but nevertheless, you came through it and you still have your channels open (at least most of you). Today, we consider this awful but at the time, that was by many considered to follow the law.

The only things that really matters to your soul is to always forgive and give unconditional love. Love is the highest energy of all, and love does not have a polarity since it is omnipresent and comes directly from Divine Source. Love can conquer all as we also very often state, and it is true.

But it means love without attachments and unconditional love. Our incarnations here teach us many things and we even go to school but only practical things for a very human life are taught and not what may bring us to understand our soul and to expand our consciousness and experience. Many time what we are taught comes with terms and conditions such as being brought up with values that we may later resist because they do not truly resonate with us.

To expand and grow, we need to question what we have been taught so that we can find out if it really matters and resonates with us. This by itself is often considered a challenging part of the spiritual journey since it can make us feel lonely and out of sync with the world around us.

Know that this is something we all go through during our personal spiritual paths and the best advice here is to avoid being in resistance for the change since that will only keep you a longer time in that current loop of discovering yourself at a soul level than you need to.

Human beings very often hold on to fear and fear is something we have to protect ourselves, not to imprison ourselves in it. We are born with all pour abilities and senses because we are to make use of them but in a way that can help us along the journey and not make us feel stuck.

I’m always told by the angels that stubbornness is a good trait to have but like all things, you can choose to use it constructively for yourself or in a way that prevents you from moving forward.

Awareness of yourself, your patterns and what is going on around you is always good because it is sometimes the very kick off that makes you move forward. Awareness help you see yourself and others and make choices that are congruent to you.


I also want to mention that what may be the right choice for someone else, may not automatically be the right choice for you. This is because we all are created with the existing energies but in different percentages. This is what makes us all unique and there is not any soul that are the exact same as another. We also stem from many other places from around the Universe and it is actually rare to stem from this Earth.

With much Love and Light until next time ...

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