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Birth chart Reading
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New Opening Times

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George Valentino is delighted to announce that we are open from 7am to 2am GMT, offering our services to time zones around world.

Check out whose on now and see who you connect with. 

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Gift Store 

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Our hand made collections are  inspired by imaginative artisans, history and the beauty of nature. Every full moon our gemstones are spiritually cleansed and empowered with positive energy keeping up a family tradition of over 120 years.

Every piece is conscientiously designed with the highest grade Gemstones and materials. We guarantee every item is handmade and sustainable with skilled crafting. 

We pride ourselves on our collections of 


Gemstone bracelets

Gemstone necklaces 


In stock and made to measure upon request. 

Due to manufacturing in-house we are are not synonymous with high price tags offering you premium quality at affordable prices. 

Check out our new hand made unique gifts

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Join our team

Join the George Valentino Team 

We are always looking for additional team members to join us If you have any experience in


Angel Readings 



Spirt world 

Or any other other tool get in touch we pay top rates  

Spiritual News 

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News and Articles which are absolutely mind blowing and resonate with many situations that are many of us are going through.  

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Tarot Card Of The Day 

Free Daily Tarot Card by George Valentino using traditional Gyps Irish Tarot. Check out your free card today.    

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How to make the most out of your reading 

Readings, as in any kind of connection, require two parts! The reader and the sitter!
No matter how gifted the reader is, if the sitter is not open to receiving the clarity and
guidance, the right energy may not build up. I share this from my own experience, as
I have enjoyed reading for others when they are open from the perspective of
receiving the best out of the reading. Even healing!
Both the reader and the sitter are channels of pure energy. The more open I am (as
a reader) the more energies, information, clarity, and guidance I will receive for the
one who asks but because -as readers- we also connect with the energies of the
sitter it helps massively to be on the same page energetically.
Another key factor which will support you on getting the best out of your reading is to
ask questions. For example:
 How can things change for me?
 Is there something I can do to help the process?
 Is there a better option for me?
Am I doing my best?
How can I improve myself? or even
What kind of intentions do I need to set to get a better result with this situation
in my life?
Whether this is in relation to work, love readings or a general change of a lifestyle!
Usually, the growth that takes place within, brings better results (short term and long
term alike) and situations in a better resonance with the soul. It is easy to be lost in
emotions of agitation or frustration and neediness, but it is much more beneficial
when we overcome these to find what is more suitable for the path that the soul has
What I also find particularly useful through readings is when I am asked “Are there
any messages coming through for me?” usually for me it sounds a bit general to my
understanding, but spirit knows what to share, how to share it and the sitter always
receives a message for clarity or empowerment.
As with everything, you must find the reader that resonates with you! As a reader but
also as a sitter, I do not resonate with everyone! I can understand what is coming
through the reading, but it is not always in resonance with my energies, and it is not
the readers fault for any reason! Sometimes, we just need to find those readers that
will “click” right away with us, be open, explore and search what is in resonance for
Finally, when it comes to a reading, because we are connecting with the sitter in
many levels and layers, please make sure that what is presented to you, makes
sense! If it does not ask more questions! As I advise my sitters, check in with your
energies if the guidance channelled through the reading is true for you or not. Follow
your own intuition and please dismiss if something does not resonate at all! If you
are open enough, discuss this with your reader, it will help massively!

What makes a great reader is when the container that is created also holds space
your own free will to take or leave what comes through. Check in your body, your
body tells you the truth!
Leaving this on a positive side note: “What is meant for you, won’t surpass you!”

What are we looking for in love 

Relationship Reading

What are we looking for when it comes to love?
Love is what we all seek, and love is the compass we use to navigate life. From the minute we are born till the minute we close our eyes. Love is the compass that leads us in a job, in a partnership, in a marriage, in creating family, in friendships, in literally…everything.
When it comes to a love relationship, things can get challenging only because we have lessons to learn, contracts from past lives to complete, promises we have given to ourselves or to a past life partner, even just lessons we have to learn because we were “programmed” in a specific way from our parents as we were absorbing their way of being as a couple.
What matters the most is what we want and crave for in a soul level. This is what makes a difference to the people we attract as love partners. The more we connect with ourselves, the true essence of the heart and the soul, the easier it becomes for us to attract true and meaningful love. If you have been in and out of relationships or even if you have been waiting for the “one” for you, time to tap within and find what makes you happy, what your ideal life looks like with a partner, how would you communicate every day with them, how your day would be, what would you like to do in your free time together but also how your individual time would be spent. The more you understand what you desire within in a relationship by bringing awareness to how you want to feel, what you want to experience, what you have to offer but also what you want to receive the easier it becomes to attract and manifest a soulmate connection. Half of the job, if not more, is already done.
How does this work? By knowing yourself better and deeper, it means you get to connect with your soul’s essence. Like attracts like. Therefore, you attract a person that is in the same level of vibration as you, knows what they want from their lives, know what they want to give and receive in a love relationship but also what that means in actions.
This is the type of relationship we can usually create healthy boundaries, share vulnerably, share a greater telepathic connection with each other, we get to grow individually and collectively as a couple. Some tips and tricks that can help you with manifesting a soulmate in your life.
Self-love. Practice, understand, feel, take actions to loving yourself and honouring yourself
every single day of your life. Say to yourself “I love ME”. Hug yourself. Feel it, embrace it,
my love partner and we are travelling for vacation” “We watch movies together” “Even
when we are silent, we are together” “I have my hobbies which are ‘x,y,z’ and I have
organized my free time accordingly”. “I am travelling to different countries with my partner, and it’s been an amazing experience!” “We are discussing so many different things that every time it feels so refreshing and mind blowing!”
Be open & explore the possibility. Trust yourself you know how to decipher if a person is for you or not. Be open, flirt, socialize and explore the possibilities presented to you without holding yourself back. Trust your gut!
As a last advice… you are looking for your best friend that utterly loves you for who you are!

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