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Ehwas rune gv.jpg

Ehwaz translates to horse and is interpreted as progress from hard times you have had in the spiritual sense. Ehwaz is made of two elements, which is loyalty, and trust between horse and owner. So if you are in a partnership or a relationship, then trust is needed as it may be lacking due to arguments or bickering. However in the end everything will turn out fine as this is just a set back. In a love this rune is a good omen. Particularly if you already know someone that you are interested in, this tells you that they see you in a positive light, as someone who has the qualities that they are looking for, although love has not quite developed yet. So there is a need for patience. If you're unattached but looking for love, this rune indicates that you are likely to meet someone through your work or through theirs. Keep your eyes open!

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