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Psychic Readers Bios  

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Linda Pin 3553

Using her knowledge of the Tarot pack and working together with her Spirit guides, Linda’s vocation for many years has been to help her clients find guidance, clarity, insight and hope regarding their future path through any of the tough or perplexing times in life. Linda always aims to empower her clients with her kind, non-judgemental but honest approach to her work. Due to her varied life experience, in England and in her many years living abroad, Linda brings a depth of understanding and empathy for her client whether the reading is about career, relationships, life path or spiritual path.


I felt I had the answers that were staring me in face all along after this empowering experience. I moved just like she said I would before I put my house up for sale or even considered it.



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Maria pin 4049 

Maria specialises in love and relationship readings along with home, general, and career readings using a wide range of tools including Tarot & Angel Cards, Pendulums & the Crystal Ball along with Runestones. Clairvoyance, clairaudience & clairsentient abilities are also used. She enjoys being an empath with clients, helping them move into a peaceful and content direction and giving the best advice and direction in any given situation! She will help guide you with focus and provide peace of mind within my experience as a reader with truth & integrity. I do pride myself in the importance of giving an honest and true reading.

Maria is a natural empath and helps clients move into a peaceful and content direction giving the best advice I can in any given situation and guiding people with focus. I like to provide peace of mind within my experience as a reader with truth & integrity. I do pride myself in the importance of giving a honest and true reading.

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Jessica pin 3559

Our extremely popular reader Jessica is a clairvoyant medium working purely through Spirit, Jessica is famous for providing her clients with evidence that only they can recognise without the need to ask lots of questions. Jessica’s clients say that her warm, non-judgmental readings leave them feeling empowered with the clarity to move forward positively. With over 30 years professional experience she is one of the most experienced clairvoyant mediums, working closely with spirit and angels, using Tarot cards to enhance their insights. Jessica first saw Spirit at the age of nine and later, after a major event in her own life, began to develop and perfect her natural psychic gifts. Jessica has completed many courses including Mediumship, Psychometry, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval and Reiki. If you seek wise counsel and clarity, let Jessica guide you through Spirit.


My mother passed when I was young, she picked up on her name and how she passed.


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Diana new pin.jpg

Diana pin 3576

 Diana is a certified medium, holds a captivating link to celestial dimensions. With her keen psychic sensitivity, she explores the unseen, revealing secrets and messages from spiritual realms.

She will connect with you on a deep level regarding your love life, past, present and future, giving you clarity and deep insight.  

Her mission is to leave you feeling positive, empowered, and happy.

Diana performs insightful Psychic readings, giving you clarity on  Relationship, Career , Work Destiny and Life Path readings. 

She will leave you astounded and empowered with clarity. 

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Sam 3577

Sam has 20 years' experience in the world of readings and spiritualism. She’s a warm and honest reader with a strong connection to loved ones in spirit. Sam is a second-generation psychic inheriting her gift from her grandmother. Shes empathic and gives great guidance.

She combines her mediumship and Clairvoyance to bring a maximum impact in her readings, enabling you to feel more confident that your gaining answers in your reading.

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amara profile.PNG

Amara pin 3628

Amara is a 2nd generation psychic and spiritual medium. She works with her guides and a variety of tarot decks. She has a gift of clarity and kindness. I use my Crystals, as well as tuning into your energy, to conduct my readings. I want to help you feel strong, and to believe in yourself, as well as your choices. I am very down to earth and want to help guide you on your path. During her travels she has learnt various skills and crafts from different cultures.  Tune in to Amara today to gain clarity and find your path

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Claire profile.jpg
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Claire Pin 3555

Claire is a skilled, compassionate, and non-judgmental Psychic Medium. Reading for over 20 years, Claire is warm and welcoming and delivers her intuitive readings, Reiki healing and mediumship with clear concise answers. Claire leaves you with clarity to any situation you are currently faced with needing answers and guidance to.


Found myself again. She picked up on his cheating, when and who was involved. What a exciting, suspense filled reading, love her energy.




Don'el pic.PNG
don'el bio.PNG
intro _edited.jpg

Don'el Pin 4047

My specialty is Clairvoyance-Claircognizance, as it allows me to search through the collective information and the hints provided by yourself, to help deliver the correct information to you. Alongside this, I use my Tarot Cards, as well as Astrology & Numerology, to help confirm. I wish to help you put all the pieces together, and for you to have a better understanding of your current situation and queries.

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Divine Pin 4053

Divine is a certified life coach, crystal, reiki, and pranic healer, and I specialise in Tarot readings. My goal is to help you feel positive, empowered, and happy! I will show you different perspectives to deal with any given situation, and help you on your path.

I give great insight on Love , Relationship, Career , Work Destiny and Life Path readings.

My tools of choice are Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Angel Cards. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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margaret ann profile.PNG
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Margaret Anne Pin4452

Margaret has worked as a Psychic Medium for over 45 years. Margaret is compassionate and values her gifts a great deal. She will work hard to get to the the heart of the matter and bring you enlightenment. Margaret connects very well to Relationship matters, giving you the insight you need to make those all important decisions in love.

she's empathic and gives great advice you wont be disappointed.  


Margaret told me about my love life and gave me goose bumps how she went through a series of events.

Ms H




selenne .PNG
selenne prof.PNG
intro _edited.jpg

Selenne Pin 4048

I am an intuitive Reader, Reiki Master, Certified ThetaHealing practitioner and I am combining all my knowledge to provide you with my spiritual guiding. The way I work is: I use the Raider-Waite and Eyptian Tarot to give answers to your questions. Afterwards, if needed, you can benefit from spiritual coaching on the matter, or Reiki energy (Divine Energy) being sent on the issue, with the intention to heal all pain and bring clarity upon the problem. I believe that there is no problem too big to be solved, when you have the right tools and support. I am here to offer support and guidance to people who want to evolve spiritually and heal. Please note, I do readings for one area of life or for a specific question - no general readings. However, I will work with you at a deeper level than youve ever worked before, to bring you the answers and healing you need. Love and light!

mistynprof .PNG
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Misty Pin 4073

I am an experienced Tarot & Oracle card reader, and also use my Pendulum & Crystal Ball for further confirmation. I specialise in love and career readings. I want to help you find, or be at peace with what may be currently happening in your life. I will show compassion throughout and will be sure to provide you with guidance in your life, and your choices.

I am Clairvoyant  and tune in to your guides.

isla prof .PNG
intro _edited.jpg

Isla Pin 4064

I am an experienced reader of 36 years. Tarot is my main focus, I also love to use my Oracle Cards and Crystals. I want to help provide you with insightful and helpful spirit-led knowledge, as well as my specialist area in relationships and soulmate connections. I can help solve and unlock the mysteries of your soul journey. Being a way-shower that gives vital and positive direction. leaving you with a sparkle in your eye and a little more peace in your heart.

jennifer profile.PNG
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Jennifer Pin 4242

jennifer is a natural Clairvoyant with 13+ years of experience. Jennifer never fails to give her clients the answers they are looking for in a understanding empathic way. Jennifer is very  experienced in family matters and spirit world.

Clairvoyants that you will talk to. Jennifer doesn't need to ask loads of questions, in fact you will be the one who will be asking the questions because she will have given you so much information as she takes you on your psychic journey.


I highly recommend Jennifer she helped me understand bereavement and spirit loved ones better that I didn't see before their passing.

George V 

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lady M profile .PNG
intro _edited.jpg

Lady - M - Pin 4050

The popular Lady M is always in high demand due to her profound and to the point readings. 

Her natural ability means that she can very much tune into a persons energy, pick up on their situation and help guide them through it. She senses and feels peoples emotions and translates these energies through the tarot cards to help give clarity on your situation. Lady M is straight forward and an honest reader.

She will pick up on your situation quickly.



She predicted that my ex would be back within 3 months and he came back. She also predicted I wouldn't want him back which was correct.


Rhonda UK  

christian pic _edited.jpg

George Valentino

intro _edited.jpg

Christian pin 4083

Hi I am a Psychic Medium. My prominent approach to reading is through Clairvoyance although I use other Clairs as well. I may use Oracle Cards if needed but usually, I do not use tools. I was born into a Spiritual family, with a mother as a Reiki Master. I was always aware there was more to life than just this. It is a privilege to help others discover the beautiful world of Spirit and bring messages of healing and hope. My readings are honest and practical. Whatever you are facing in life right now, my aim is the guide you towards a more enriching life and unlock your potential.

Christian ranks as a 5-star reader and is very popular

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