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Daily Planet News  

Great news for Libra as Venus, Mars and the sun are in Libra till 23 October, with Venus continue until the 23rd of November 2022, Love is looking very positive for libra in this end 2022 alignment.Focus there and only there!taurus and Gemini are in Libras ninth house, also meaning  the time ratios of May to June 2023 allows you to meet new elements of love, friendships and new people.Many 80s and 90s born Librans will consider overseas travel, or long-term settling of immigration, as they feel they have exhausted existing avenues of their current environment.The good news is that love is in the stars for libra ends in 2022 due to the venous alignment  with a sprinkle of Mars, which will empower Libra to be able to speak their opinions in love. Mars will help you be more independent within your approach to new relationships and people, finding independence within Libras  own identity rather than just thinking it, your be actioning it as well. The excitement down continues into Scorpio invigorating your sexual independence and desires. Although typical Libra are known to be level headed this is the time where they would venture into new exciting adventures of love, self love and independence. Libra is on fire. 

The Divine Feminine

New Moon in Virgo a few days ago and it’s all about the feminine energies we are all grounding – despite your gender.

What is the essence of Divine Feminine though?

We have in mind examples of the feminine energy through the experiences we’ve had so far.

For instance, the role of mother, daughter, grandmother. The role of the woman at work. The role of the caretaker, the one provides comfort, words of wisdom, compassion and affection, the one who always a solution, who will listen to you in your challenging moments, who will proud of you, who will celebrate you. 

The Divine Feminine is commonly believed also for the energies of passive creation. Meaning, she’s not taking any actions. The new energies that are being grounded within the Divine Feminine are exactly the opposite of that. 

Yes, the Feminine aspect of any person is about creation! That’s indisputable! But what changes is the way the Feminine energies create now and it’s also part of the manifestation process.

“Where your focus goes, that’s what you create” but additionally to that… it’s all about the feelings. 

The earth is covered by water and water is the element that is connected with the emotions, feelings and generally the feminine energies and also the sacral chakra that is said to be the center of the energy of attraction. Also connected to the magnetic field.

The force of the Feminine energy is both about creation and destruction. They are both sides of the same coin. Most of the times before we create something new, we have to collapse something old in order to create more space. 

The change that is taking place now and we are called to take actions upon, is how to create from our own light through the Divine Feminine aspect of our energies. The way to that is the feelings, the emotions, which also connect us to our intuition and the way we connect with what is authentically meaningful to each one of us individually. 

The keys to what is shared above are the “divine” and “feminine”, separately and collaborative but with an equal balance between them. The “divine” has to do with the power we hold within of creation but also the blind trust in life, in self, in God. The “feminine” part of it is connected to the means of the creation. It’s not passive anymore. It’s active! But it’s active through owning the power of the feelings we have, feel, share with others. It’s about owning what “feels right” for you and without even the need to justify it even to yourself. 

By following this, there’s no way it can go “wrong” or make any mistakes. It’s about being in alignment with what ignites your spark…your inner flame, what ignites your passions and true desires. 

Sometimes, it sounds easy but it’s not. It is quite of a challenge yet through the challenges we choose to go through we find the greatest of the results on the other side of it. And this is the point where you have to make a choice between “what is easy and comfortable” and “what excites you and makes you FEEL more connected with the truth within you”.

The choice is simple, the process requires a bit of an extra effort, but at the end of the day what matters the most is the feeling of happiness, joy and self fulfilment that your actions created for you!

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How to alter your energy levels 

How to alter your energy levels

It’s – without question – a challenging time and of course we can take a look on the planets to see how we are influenced but I am pretty sure that if we look around us, we can clearly see it in every level and layer. 

Many things are changing and shifting, as we collectively work on ascension. The ascension process is simple. Shed the old, work on your traumas, release everything that is holding you back, connect with your true essence, find love and joy! Simple, right? Simple yes, not easy though. And that’s ok. That’s the meaning of all. To be brave, go the extra mile, claim your happiness and power, unapologetically.

How do we maintain the energy levels when going through a transformation though?

The answer is that we don’t always maintain the high vibrational energy levels YET simple every day practices help us keep a healthy energy that will influence positively even during the times of transformation.

I am not talking about rituals and routines that you may not even have the energy or the mindset to follow through, at the moment.

“When I am low, I am low” and nothing will change my mind around; not even my most powerful routines that shift my energy fully. Meditation, qigong, connecting with nature, breathing exercises, gratitude journal, manifestation, brainstorming ideas and projects – are only some of the powerful techniques I love using.

What always helps though are these simple things. As I usually say… when in challenging times, go back to basics. 

1. Talk with friends that lighten you up and help you remember how laughter changes everything. Watch comedies and programs that bring laughter to you. Listen to a podcast that makes you laugh that hard that you may even cry from laughter.
Bottom line: laughter is therapeutic. It not only takes your mind away from the difficulties but also allows your body to heal and raises the levels of hormones that produce more happiness. 

2. Go within to remember what is that you enjoy doing. Something you haven’t done for a while yet every time you do it, it helps you feel creative, happy with yourself and what you produce. It’s definitely not work related. Work and accomplishments make us happy when we are already kind of happy… For me it’s always drawing, or singing, rearranging my space so I can allocate the furniture and the flow of energy differently. Reading a book, that ignites the spark of exploration and helps me connect with my deepest desire of getting to know the world within me a little bit more!
Bottom line: creativity and its expression in any way that makes you feel happier!

3. Be brave and say no to everything that is just good. I have the patience and the energy to do what’s “just good” in my every day life. When I am during a transformational period, I don’t. It took me a while to accept that about myself but when I did, it created a chain reaction of bettering my energy levels faster and more effectively.
Bottom line: do something that feels great, not just good. Say yes to what excites you. Don’t be afraid that you will “mean” if you say no to a friend and their suggestion. On the contrary, be honest enough to say “you know what? I am going through a transformation now and I need some time alone or I need some time for the x thing instead of this. Please, be patient with me at the moment.”. True friends will understand you and support you with no questions. The rest of them will just fall away and from my experiences, it’s better for both ends.

Now it’s time for actions but the compass of these actions, comes from within. Be brave and honest with what is in alignment with you. You matter. You are needed. Exactly the way you are.

Energy Update 

Energy Update July/August
Beautiful soul, we have been going through a major transformation in every level of our being! Changes are taking place in the physical, emotional, and spiritual level so make sure you take your time to integrate everything at the pace that feels appropriate for you!
You may feel it’s high time you need to reflect on friendships, family, work, even relocate to a place that feels better for you! You may feel the need to organise yourself differently, to change your priorities, to set different goals, to visit different places.
These needs stem from a different level of consciousness and even if it feels like a huge tower moment, or like everything is falling apart, please worry NOT! 
You are being guided from your own intuition and feelings that changes need to take place and although it might be scary, trust me that all will turn out to be in your favor.
Be brave, claim your worth and accept with grace all that is, all that was and all that will be without the need to know what, how or when. Be in the flow and allow your soul to guide you accordingly! Surrender to this wave of change, as the path of least resistance will inevitably bring more joy to you than you have ever imagined.
The year of 2022 is about expression, closeness, and connectivity! 
Soul tribes are coming together to ground all the above and answer to their callings, so you may feel the urge to connect with people in ways you have never felt before! Go with it!
Sacred Partners are also coming together! The energy of Sacred Partnership has been grounded. August will be the month of the physical union of sacred partners and many of the first wave will come into union, which translates into the physical connection and establishment of the relationship and the togetherness. Have in mind that the Divine Feminine is ready for this step forward and the Divine Masculine is now completing the preparation for this union to take place. That also reflects within the same person, as we all have masculine and feminine energies to work with.
Many of you may have already met your Sacred Partner, even years ago, but one of you or both were not ready for the union to take place as individual growth had to take place first. So,celebrate the homecoming and the union of the two souls. Be open to receive the most divine feelings of all!
The resistance that may be coming up, is natural. The Divine Masculine has now to surrender completely to the Divine Feminine and reconstruct their presence together and individually. Have no fear though as no one loses any of their power, although it may feel like it at the very beginning. On the contrary, this sort of union holds so much power, so much love that it may even feel like it is not from this world! Sacred Partners are Power Couples.
Allow the lions gate 8:8, at the beginning of August, to support you release what needs to be released, draw strength from this beautiful portal. Allow the sun to fill your heart and shed light to every shadow within you so can step fully into your sovereignty, with an understanding of what higher love feels like for you. Let the masks drop, be authentic, be honest, be YOU. 
Please, do not hesitate to ask for any help or guidance for these matters. We are social beings; we are all connected, and we all hold pieces of wisdom for each other to help us move forward for our highest good.
Embrace your uniqueness and be yourself! Dare to claim what you desire the most! BOOK WITH ELENA NOW 

Sacred Unions

This type of UNION has now been grounded! The first wave has come! 

Many of us, regardless of gender or sex orientation, are in search of a divine union, a sacred partner. 

This search stems from a deep knowing that we can find out there what we already have inside of us. The divine feminine and divine masculine are in union within us, or we are working on creating this divine unity outside of us in order to bring it within.

In simple words, we face the challenge and the desire of creating a unified energy that reflects in the physical reality as a romantic relationship that lasts in time and overcomes the fear, the doubt, and the worry.

These kinds of romantic connections share a deeper bond, a deeper connection that usually words are not enough to express it. The feelings though are so strong and deep, like a “new feeling” that has never been experienced before, surfaces now in an unexpected yet remarkably familiar way.

The Divine Feminine within, regardless of the gender you have chosen in this lifetime, is the creator, the womb that gives birth to the experience you want to create for your highest good. The Divine Masculine is the provider of that experience. These two energies need to be in alignment in order to cocreate and manifest the reality you have already created in an alternate state of being. 

Ways to help you and support you in this quest:

1. Connect with your true self every minute of the day.
Is this true for me? How does it feel like in my body? Is it in alignment with me?

2. Triggers!
We have positive and negative triggers! The positive triggers are here to push us forward and fall into alignment with Self which manifests through the union of the sacred partners. What motivates you? What inspires you? What lights you up and on?
The negative triggers, on the other hand, show us what needs to be worked out and released from past experiences! Lean into that, ask yourself why is this a negative trigger? What am I afraid of? What am I avoiding? Why do I feel the need to protect myself by reacting to this situation?

3. Create a balance, whatever that means for you. 
Am in balance within myself? How can I create a better balance? What do I need the most? What balance looks like for me now?

4. Vulnerability, authenticity, expression. 
A hard one for many people so mind you that it is ok to take your time with opening up and expressing yourself vulnerably! How do you feel? What is the feeling that needs to be expressed now through you? What are the words that best describe that feeling? To whom do you want to express yourself vulnerably? Who will make you feel safe enough to communicate your feelings and deepest thoughts?

5. Truth & honesty. 
Usually, we need some help and guidance when it comes to the clarity of our truth! Acknowledging and understanding the truth that is dormant within us takes some time and practice but the more we get comfortable with how we feel, what are we afraid of, what we desire, what we would like to experience with the Sacred Partner and as individuals the easier it becomes and the more connected with the True Self and the soul’s desires we become. Key to this experience is to give full permission to yourself to experience all your feelings and allow them to flow through you. Do not judge yourself if you feel unloved by your Sacred Partner now, do not judge yourself if you want to experience everything with them, do not hold onto the fear of losing the control of yourself when around them.

Remember… we are here to experience a huge spectrum of feelings and emotions! So please give full permission to yourself!!! Allow it to happen for you!

Energy and our family

What’s going on energetically with relationships, friendships and families?

Have you felt that friendships are falling apart? That people you had in your life literally forever are now distancing themselves? There’s a been a huge shift in the divine feminine and divine masculine. This year especially, 2022 is the year of the families, love partners, friends and soul tribes. 

Allow me to share what is going on with families and friends. Connections that weren’t in alignment with the true self had to fall apart. This may have happened or happen in many ways but the deeper the connection we shared with someone the more challenging and emotional the separation has been. For family bonds (equally family members, relatives and friends that feel like family) the disconnection and the push in the right direction was enormous. The trigger came from an outside source or in an unexpected way but the outcome of it was the parting ways. 

Acknowledge and express your emotions, release them but please no need for holding onto any grudges or guilt and agitation. What happened served a purpose and although it might have been difficult and challenging, know that it served both ends a greater good that you will definitely understand later on if you haven’t already!

To ease the pain of the heart in these situations is to trust you are guided on something better and worthy of your energy, your love and respect. Many times, we give too much and what we offer comes from the heart but when it isn’t reciprocated, it falls apart for something equal to your essence may enter your life. In other words, we create space.

What will support you is self-care days, blocking time off in your calendar, introspection for getting the clarity as to wasn’t in balance or in alignment with you, expression of all the emotions you are going through with trusted people, journaling and to those who you feel that all went sideways. 

Expressing your emotions isn’t about hurting someone back for their doings. It is about communicating your feelings, giving them the respect, they deserve, releasing all this energy so it won’t be stored in your physical body. Expressing your feelings isn’t about expecting something specific back as an answer, for example an apology or a change of hearts. If that comes, of course, even better!

On the other hand, we experience coming together with people we never thought it would be possible or new people enter our lives to show us there is more out there. That’s because your vibrations have changed and you are more in alignment with what is true for you. Honest, authenticity, integrity, love and understanding are some of the qualities you need to hold the space for yourself in order to attract the right people for you.

Feeling lonely, energetically reflects in a feeling of “need” and “lack of” so the better you feel within your own skin, within yourself and with your “alone time” (which I usually call “me time”) the more your vibrations change, the more you will be attracting likeminded people, people that are in alignment with you.

Energetically speaking, this is the year of a deeper connection with self with consequently brings more true connections, alignments with your higher self and your soul’s quests for this lifetime but it also brings a clarity of direction.

Hope and wish this message finds you well and ready to claim a better quality of life for you and those around you! Be brave, make the necessary changes, embrace yourself and fall into alignment with your soul!

Blessed be!

Divine Counter

Divine Counterparts Update

More and more people awaken to their soul’s desire to connect with a divine counterpart! How and what that feels like?

Connections that weren’t in alignment with the soul are falling apart and therefore you may have noticed an increase in divorces and breaks up lately, more than ever before! Although it’s a painful process sometimes, it brings great rewards and a liberty – an inner freedom – that becomes your compass to be in alignment with the true self.

The more you get in alignment with your personal truth and what makes you happy and the more you connect with what is meaningful to you the more chances of reuniting with your divine counterpart are getting higher.

You may have noticed in the past that you made a lot of compromises regarding your needs and desires and that comes specifically from the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine stepped back in many cases by limiting their personal freedom and aspirations. With the healing process that has been taking place the last two years, the DF is stepping into a new energy field claiming what is theirs with no guilt or shame but also with a lot of wisdom on what is their direction.

The Divine Masculine on the other side is healing now from a lot of inner child trauma but also the need to be always strong and firm within their own power. The empowerment energies that the Divine Masculine is experiencing now is the claim of what is in alignment with their soul’s callings, what is a meaningful connection for them whereas the DF has been already on an introspection of what that is for quite a while.

It is like the DM is catching up with the lessons and the inner wisdom that the DF has already explored, and they are getting now – slowly yet steadily – into full alignment.

By Divine Counterparts can be described a soulmate connection, a twin flame connection, and the sacred partners.

Some of you may experience setbacks, the feeling of separation or distance with your Divine Counterpart, others may have felt the desire to hold the space for them for clarity and strength as a lot of transformation is taking place now.

Go with your intuitive guidance on this but also remember that your focus and priority is YOU. The more you connect with yourself and what is true for you, the more you become this radiant beautiful being that attracts what is in alignment with you and only you. Even more so when it comes to your Divine Counterpart.

Love is a strong motivational power we hold with in and as soon we connect with it there is no turning back. Make your love first for self and then for others, your compass to explore the different life experiences and tastes.

If you experience agitation or frustration from the actions of your Divine Counterpart, work through that emotion that came to show something deeper within you. There might be a need of more boundaries, a bit of inner work when it comes to triggers or simple getting to understand what you tolerate and what you don’t, how you want to be treated with respect and why an action is lack of respect. These mirrors and projections are the best way forward into building up a healthy way of being within self and your Divine Counterpart.

Stay devoted to yourself and the rest will fall into place for you!

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