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The Algiz rune, also known as "Elhaz" or "Eolh," is a runic symbol that belongs to the Elder Futhark, the oldest known runic alphabet used by Germanic tribes. Algiz represents the sound "Z" or "R" and carries various meanings associated with protection, defense, and connection to the divine. The shape of the Algiz rune resembles an upright diamond or a pair of outstretched arms reaching upward. It is often interpreted as a representation of the elk or the splayed hand of the rune caster invoking divine protection. In divination and runic readings, the Algiz rune is considered a powerful symbol of spiritual and physical protection. It signifies the presence of a higher guiding force or higher consciousness and suggests the need to seek inner strength and connection to overcome challenges. The Algiz rune can also represent the idea of sanctuary, a sacred space where one can find safety and refuge. It encourages individuals to establish strong boundaries, develop a sense of self-defense, and draw upon their inner resources to maintain personal security and well-being. When the Algiz rune appears in a reading, it often indicates that you possess the strength and protection necessary to face difficulties and overcome obstacles. It suggests that you should trust your instincts and seek guidance from your higher self or spiritual sources. It can also serve as a reminder to establish healthy boundaries, both physically and energetically, to shield yourself from negative influences. It's important to remember that interpretations of runes can vary among different traditions and practitioners. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with an experienced rune reader or refer to reliable sources for a more comprehensive understanding of the Algiz rune and its significance in specific contexts.

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