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In modern runic divination or runic readings, the Tiwaz rune is typically interpreted in relation to its symbolic meanings and associations. When you receive the Tiwaz rune in a reading, its interpretation can vary depending on the context and the specific question or situation. Here are some common interpretations and possible meanings associated with the Tiwaz rune: 1. Victory and Success: The Tiwaz rune represents the energy of victory and triumph. It suggests that you have the strength, courage, and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. It signifies the need to persevere, take assertive action, and exhibit leadership qualities to attain success. 2. Justice and Truth: The Tiwaz rune is associated with justice, fairness, and truth. It may indicate that you need to stand up for what is right and uphold your principles. It encourages you to seek truth and maintain integrity in your actions and decisions. 3. Warrior Spirit: The Tiwaz rune embodies the warrior spirit and the qualities of bravery and honor. It suggests that you may need to tap into your inner strength and courage to face challenges or conflicts. It can be a reminder to assert yourself and confront difficult situations with resilience and integrity. 4. Self-Sacrifice and Selflessness: The Tiwaz rune is sometimes associated with self-sacrifice and making choices that benefit others or a greater cause. It may indicate that you need to put aside personal desires and act in the best interest of others. It can also signify the need for self-discipline and self-control. 5. Guidance and Direction: The Tiwaz rune can serve as a guiding light, providing clarity and direction. It may suggest that you need to focus on your goals and choose a clear path forward. It can encourage you to trust your instincts and make decisions with confidence.

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